Virtuoso On-Site Experiences

Here's a list of Virtuoso on-site experiences on the Maltese islands, carefully selected with you in mind.


Maltese Cooking Class

Relish a tastebud-tantalising day with local bon vivant Pippa Mattei. Whether you’re an amateur cook or an aspiring chef you’ll love this grassroots gastronomic experience of hearty food lovingly conjured up in a dreamy Mediterranean kitchen.  Gather around for a relaxed lunch and note how Maltese company and great food make for a memorable time.

Quaint Village Tea Time

Step inside the private home of a truly welcoming local Livia and be treated to an abundant array of mouthwatering afternoon delights, all freshly baked in your honour.  Wash it down with the finest teas or a chilled glass of bubbles as you rest your feet from a day of culture, while connecting to this intimate insider view of real Maltese life.


Esplora Science Centre – within the walls of history

Within a magnificent building from times of old, visitors of all ages can engage with science through hands-on interaction, workshops, science shows and debates. At Esplora, science is projected as easy to understand and entertaining, while the relevance and presence of science in everyday life become a wonderful realisation.

Licensed to Steal! Pirate Walking Tour

Make history fun and memorable as you’re lead on foot around the capital city Valletta by a roguish corsair in full regalia. The facts unfold with a dash of humour and entertainment while you learn about the colourful personalities who lived in the city and whose legacies live on forever.

Local Immersion

Keeping traditions alive at the local farm

Run by a family-team of born and bred farmers on their large estate, the passion for rural cooking and traditional processes has been carried through the generations with the aid of their grandma’s old secret recipe book!  Immerse yourself in a session of sheep cheese making or learn the art of sun-dried tomatoes, all passed down by their forefathers  and using produce grown on the family farm.

EcoTourism in rural Malta

Take a tour that truly connects you with the rural charm that defines Malta.  Learn about the ‘fat of the land’ then taste the ripe pickings that nature creates, depending on the season . Combine wine-tasting in a gorgeous vineyard, roam through an olive grove then dip crusty bread into freshly pressed olive oil,  and sample seasonal honey right from an apiary.


Total wellbeing on the sister island

Travel is also about restoring balance to body and mind.  Discover the ancient rituals of Ayurveda in the serene and tranquil setting of Gozo. Your senses will be engaged through pure aromas, where specialised Indian techniques and nurturing treatments allow your body energy to flow freely once again.

Pause and celebrate yourself

Step out of the chaotic external world and allow yourself to find some inner peace. Focus on exploring your breath while you connect to your body in the YogaHub. Relieve compression and stress with bodywork tailored to provide relief from pain with a Craniosacral Massage. Finally sit at the JuiceBar for a nourishing blend of organic goodness which will leave you feeling completely renewed.


Coasteering – Not for the faint-hearted

Are you completely unfazed by sea level traversing, rock climbing, cliff jumping, rock gully swimming and cave delving? If so, this unique adventure activity is perfect for exploring the fantastic Maltese coastline, where you will experience the exhilaration of nature’s raw elements up close and personal.

Launch into the Big Blue

If a paddle around your hotel pool doesn’t quite cut it, then kayaking is an excellent way to connect to the mesmerising Mediterranean Sea.  Fill your lungs with fresh air while you weave your way along the foreshore, exploring nooks and crannies as you take in the sights from this adventurous angle.

Ultimate Luxury

Life is for living in luxury

Step out of your five-star Iniala hotel and into your convertible Rolls-Royce to be driven off to the yacht marina. The crew aboard your luxury yacht-charter will greet you with big smiles and a glass of cold, crisp champagne.  The day will be nothing short of amazing – because it will be  tailormade by experts to suit your every whim.

Palace dwelling and dining

Check into the Presidential Suite at the sumptuous 17th century Xara Palace – known for having accommodated a menagerie of Hollywood stars behind its doors. When the sun sets, you will be chauffeured to the baroque Palazzo Parisio where a private dinner experience unfolds within the walls of the majestic gilded ball room for the most refined and elegant date-night out.

Landmarks & History

Connecting history to the seasons

The mysterious Mnajdra temple complex dates back to 3600BC and features on the World Heritage List. It is famous for many things, including the solar alignment with the solstices and equinoxes, which have marked the change of seasons since time immemorial. Purposely plan your trip to witness how effectively Mnajdra Temples are at highlighting these moments in time.

A private tour of Malta’s most visited attraction

The misleadingly plain facade of St. John’s Co-Cathedral hides one of Europe’s most spectacular churches, built by the Knights of St. John, which happens to be home to one of the most internationally recognised works by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio: ‘The Beheading of St John the Baptist’. The painting is the largest work of art by Caravaggio and the only one to bear his signature. Why flock along with the crowds when you can be guided privately through this must see gem?



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