Pop-up Book

Welcome to the world of Citrus Luxury, a place where you are the center of our existence. We won’t tell you how special you are to us, we’ll actually show you. We know the sky is the limit when it comes to taking care of your visitors, because each traveler is unique. We’ve been in the business long enough to know that the only thing which is constant is: change. Therefore our approach is completely flexible, we are driven by each clients’ desires and we are dynamic in going the ‘unexpected mile’ – as no mile is extra for our team.

No two trips are the same when booking with us, because we work in tandem with our clients, curating a trip that revolves around their interests, their tempo and their flair. We shine when it comes to creating lasting memories, because we open doors that not everyone has the golden key to. Malta truly is the gem of the Mediterranean and should be absorbed by the discerning traveler in a way that is different to the norm, we want our clients to connect on a level that is mostly missed on standard trips. We’re linked to a team of grass root locals brimming with knowledge ready to impart to our guests, whether they’re on a historical walk or seated by invitation at a local’s home being served a traditional dinner.

We look forward to connecting with you whereby you can assure yourselves of our integrity and experience our reliability firsthand . As a close-knit team, you’ll be personally linked to us directly – from where we can guide you and your clients on the start of a lasting impactful experience with Citrus Luxury.

We’d like to thank the talented team at Blonde & Giant for the wonderful job they did on our beloved pop-up book!


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