Rural Food Trail

Sampling local culinary delights while traveling away on vacation is for most, as high on the agenda as absorbing the country’s culture and heritage.

Experiencing Malta's Rural Food




Sampling local culinary delights while traveling away on vacation is for most, as high on the agenda as absorbing the country’s culture and heritage. The following tours will allow your taste buds to go on an adventure as you partake in tasting the essence of Malta with these delectable trips.

Rural Food & Wine Tour - Full Day Excursion

(includes pick up and drop-off from your hotel)

This fully immersive, taste-tantalizing tour will have you eating and drinking like a local from the get-go.

Travel by chauffeur driven car between the quaint and picture perfect rural villages of Siġġiewi, Rabat, Mġarr and Mellieħa, where you’ll be granted access to a selection of special foodie spots that are unbeknown to most locals, with some even hidden from view.

A plethora of exciting activities will whet your appetite as you embark on a ġbejna cheese making workshop, visit a winery and taste their end product offerings, then experience an apiary tour and sample the variations between seasonal honeys.

No Maltese food tour would be complete without breaking into a crusty, fragrantly-earthy loaf, which combines gorgeously with olive oil tasting in a privately owned grove. Maltese bread is a highly revered commodity, still baked in wood burning ovens throughout village bakeries as old as the hills.

Included in the tour is a plentiful, farmers-style mezze lunch, where fresh and simple Mediterranean ingredients prove to be so satisfying.

With full bellies your chauffeur driven car will return you back to your hotel.

Rural Delights Day Out - Full Day

(includes pick up and drop-off from your hotel)

Your chauffeur will whisk you off to a charming, fully functional farmhouse in the sleepy, rural village of Dingli, where a day of expertly guided, hands-on culinary creativity awaits.

You’ll be warmly welcomed and given an introductory tour of the grounds and groves before immersing yourself in age old traditions of food preservation – in the form of homemade jams and preparation methods – such as sun-dried tomato purée making.

Add yet another feather to your cap as you’re guided by the farm chef through the satisfying steps of creating homemade ravioli from scratch for your lunch.

The farm grows a large variety of fruits and vegetables, depending on the season, and harvests them when they’re at their plumpest . The jam making and bottling session will be held within the enchanting converted wine cellar below the farmhouse – using fruits exclusively grown on the farm.

End the day with a hard earned, thirst quenching glass of freshly squeezed lemonade in the historical lemon grove. The farmer who tenderly cares for the trees will explain the importance of our climate and it’s effect on the land, and he also promises to share his homegrown produce tips with you too.

At the days end, your chauffeur will be there to meet you and drive your back to your hotel.

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