Three Cities & Temple Tour

Leave the crowds behind and discover the Malta that is known only to a few individuals, who are the privileged custodians of its unique natural, architectural and historical heritage.

Experiencing The Three Cities

Maritime history



Three Cities & Temple Tour

Half Day 09:00 – 13:00 hrs, Birgu ONLY | Full Day 09:00 – 17:00 hrs, all of the above

Your private guide will meet you in your hotel lobby from where you will commence your journey in a chauffeur driven car to the historical area called The Three Cities. Take a walk through the enchantingly narrow and meandering streets of the village core of Birgu, which the Knights first inhabited when arriving from Rhodes in 1530.

Your next visit will be the magnificent Fort St. Angelo located in the centre of The Grand Harbour.  This bastioned fort is best known for its role as the headquarters of the Order of St. John during the Great Siege of Malta of 1565.

Throughout its five centuries of history, the Inquisitor’s Palace is one of the very few surviving buildings of its kind, which survived the ravages of time and will most certainly leave you intrigued.  Dating back to the 16th century it was used as the residential home of several high-ranking officials and inquisitors of the time. Visitors to the palace are still able to see the historical prison complex and torture chamber.

As an alternative you may wish to visit the Malta Maritime Museum, which was once the bakery of the Royal British Navy.

After lunch visit the panoramic Gardjola Gardens that is home to the Senglea Watchtower, perched on the bastion wall. It is decorated with stone carvings of eyes and ears; symbolising watchfulness and thus commands a great view to the west over the entire length of the Grand Harbour and southern flanks of Valletta.

Opt to continue the tour for a fascinating visit of the prehistoric Tarxien Temples; the most elaborately decorated temples in Malta, dating back to 3100 BC – yet discovered by local farmers in 1913.  The site consists of four complexes of megalithic structures where visitors can look in awe at the remains of relief sculptures, well-cut slab walls, ‘oracle’ holes and stone spheres that are thought to have been used as rollers to aid the transportation of the megaliths.


Citrus Luxury tours are private, for groups of any size. Tours are available in a number of languages, led by a professional and licensed guide. Itineraries are flexible, where the time and locations can be catered to your needs. We can also arrange for a luxury chauffeur driven vehicle for pick-up and drop-off from your venue.

Citrus Luxury’s 5 star suggestion:

We hold a very privileged position to obtain highly sought after and limited daily tickets to The Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, which is an underground prehistoric burial site, discovered in 1902 during construction works. This unique complex, made up of interconnecting rock-cut chambers is set on three distinct levels. The complex was used over a span of many centuries, with the earliest remains dating back to about 4000 BC and the more recent remains found dating to the early Bronze Age (ca 1500BC).

*The purchase of tickets to view this incredible historical site can only be guaranteed via your credit card details.

** On this tour, kindly wear flat, comfortable shoes as we will encounter loose, uneven ground.

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